Other gardens

Between the “dense fog advisory” and all my errands I did not get out to the garden today. I went up to Beech Hill Farm instead, to admire their wonderful combination of available labor and topsoil.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Beech Mountain shoulders along above Echo Lake, rising to a steep point at one end, crowned by a fire tower. The long, flat hilltop has been farmed for at least 200 years and boasts apple and pear trees, cleared fields and the hazard of old barbed wire in the woods. The College of the Atlantic bought (was given*) the Beech Hill Farm property a few years ago and their student farmers run the vegetable stand, assorted poultry, green houses and new in 2010 – a beekeeping operation.  It was wonderful to see all hands on deck today, busy with August tasks like coping with all those tomatoes.

Then I went home and waded into the swamp to pick high bush blueberries. Who needs topsoil?

*Two COA alumni have contacted me to let me know that the farm and covenants were donated to COA – it wasn’t a purchase. Thank you, B and Anon!