In like a lamb.

Today was a March afternoon disguised as a June morning. Beautiful blue sky, 50 degree temperatures and just the slightest breeze to give the balmy calm air some variety every once in a while. I had to do errands all morning, but after 1:00 I changed shoes, found my safety googles and hauled the pump sprayer out of the cellar. I used All Season dormant oil today – it is petroleum based and not organic-rated, but it is a remarkably passive way to deal with all the various pests that over-winter on fruit trees. I add a few tablespoons of Crocker’s Golden Fish Oil (don’t open it in the house) every time – it adds “stickiness”, is a terrific foliar feed, and repels deer. Perfect. Both these substances are fairly innocuous as pesticides go, but you won’t like them in your eyes, hair, clothing – wear goggles and rubber gloves, please.

Then I went to check on the bees, and found them boiling over like an unwatched pot. I had to reach into the mass at the front of the hive and open the gate-stick a little farther. Fortunately they’re very accommodating even when just waking up, and all that happened was that I had to brush them off my hair, and the back of my neck, with a pine b0ugh.

Soon the fruit trees will wake up, too, and there will be honey in the comb!

1 thought on “In like a lamb.

  1. Anna Nikoline Baade Flanagan, circa EVERY YEAR:” I think it’s going to be an early spring this year.” Jeff would laugh and laugh when I would say the same thing, also every year. Right before the last 12″ snowstorm arrived, predictably, on March 13th.

    Bad news? Discuss when ready. I am here.

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