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Food from the Field My great-great grandfather bought this farm in 1863 and each successive generation made their living farming these acres. Those facts, according to the state of Illinois, qualify the land as a centennial farm. I grew up on this farm. Slopping the hogs, gathering the eggs, and helping Mom in the kitchen and garden were familiar chores. . .

FFF is a wonderful blog, full of recipes that really work, beautiful (and real) gardens and family celebrations. Now I feel like I have a better image of the seasons in the country’s center.

Old is the New New – Weird History. Mad Science. Occasional Robots.

This is the place to go to read about messianic architecture, the Kcymaerxthaere and right now, a link to HiLoBrow and an essay entitled “Holden’s History of the United States”, where J. D. Salinger meets Howard Zinn. In heaven, presumably.  Go to ONN for the ultimate in synthesis –  I do.

Backwards Beekeepers: all organic, chemical free, local populations – let the bees be bees!

These folks help me resist the magical solutions offered by the pesticide industry for all the woes and diseases of the modern honey bee. No matter what problem I’m fussing about, they’ve seen it and overcome. Well, except that I have a lot more sub-zero days than they do in California. Not their fault.

Lollyphile! Remember when candy was all you thought about?

I know people for whom it is impossible to buy an acceptable present. I send those people Absinthe lollypops because seriously, how could you not? And no need to repeat that gift – next year you can send them Maple Bacon!

The order by which people are admitted into Heaven.

It’s just an essay, but it’s my favorite essay so it gets a place in RR. You’ll remember this fondly just about forever.

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