Weather post – First day of spring

Sambuca candensis "Good Barn"

This is not what the garden looks like right now. Today, the max-min thermometer in the (unheated) hoop house registers -7 and 111 degrees. That will have to even out over the coming months to make a fine crop of elderberries. This particular bush is from Fedco, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners (MOFGA) seed co-op. It’s called “Good Barn” because it’s a descendant of “that good bush down by the barn” at the Nearing homestead. It is disease-free, gives a bountiful crop and the deer don’t seem to like it even enough to nibble at the blossoms, which are beloved by the bees. My only complaint would be that it grew wildly beyond the predicted 6′ tall and wide, and when it hit twice that I had to relocate it from the dooryard (where it’s cool shade was our old dog’s best friend) to the lower garden. Where the Russian crab, below, will be in bloom in a month or two.Russian Crabapple

Also in this picture: horseradish, Chinese forget-me-not, valarian, calendula and day lilies – all the robust volunteers of early spring.

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