The Tri-County Beekeepers Annual Meeting and Pot Luck

After work I drove out through Bucksport, over the Verona Island bridge and out Rt. 174 to Prospect. It was dark all the way from Ellsworth, with the sun down at 4 pm and no moon. Floodlights made the long embankments around Fort Knox as clear as day though,  and the amber lamps all over the Bucksport Mill lit the cloud of steam over it like a theater backdrop.

prospect me

The crossroads at Rt. 174 and 1A  came up faster than I expected. The road went sharply up hill, leveled out at a rail crossing and suddenly widened out into a plateau at the intersection. After four miles alone on the dark road it was startling –  brilliantly lit with street lights and crowded with tractor trailers rumbling up to Bangor and back. And there, surrounded by old Volvos, older Saabs and pickup trucks of all ages, sits the Prospect Community Center.

The good citizens of Prospect built the Community Center almost two centuries ago. It is now way too close to the highway, a matter of six feet or so from the front door. The entrance has been enclosed several times, so that it is now more of a tunnel leading up sets of steps through doors and more doors. The ceilings are low, retrofitted with fluorescent lights and fans. The floor is uneven and the fixtures mismatched through 50 years of hardware store specials, but it’s still standing.

Potluck dinner first, then the meeting. The gentleman standing behind me in line said he judged pot lucks by how many moose dishes were represented. There were three moose entrees: moose balls, moose chili and moose stew, so this promised to be a fine pot luck. I will be adopting this as  my personal gauge going forward.

pot luck 1

Tony Jadczak is  the Maine State apiarist. He gave a terrific talk and slide show (real slides and a pull down screen!) about the various aspects of “wintering over”. None of us can afford to put 1,000 hives in an airtight, temperature controlled building with ventilation systems for the winter, but we LOVE hearing about this stuff.  There were also bee shaped cookies. Awwww.

bee cookies

After Tony’s talk we all shook hands, packed up our stuff and headed out into the cold and dark. I can’t wait to wrap the hives this weekend. Oh, and I won the door prize!

door prize

3 thoughts on “The Tri-County Beekeepers Annual Meeting and Pot Luck

  1. No way! I saw that and thought, “That would be the perfect thing in Amy’s kitchen.” Then I read that you won it. Now I’m wondering, “what is it?” I am guessing, only because I am very clever, a honey jar?
    Boy, the Tri-County Beekeper’s Annual Meeting and Pot Luck knows how to give a very cool door prize. (Matches your Fiestaware.

  2. 1) your door prize looks like something Winnie Ther Pooh would get his snout stuck in.
    2)The lights at Fort Knox at night always make me feel like I’m in that scene in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind where they’re hiding in the bushes observing the buzz of clandestine activity. (Buzz!!, haha)

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