Etymology: From the Latin revocare (present 1st-person singular revoco), meaning “to call back”.  Adjective 1. Unable to be retracted or reversed. Final.

Irrevocable is not generally a word for the garden, especially in a temperate zone. Silver Queen sweet corn grows to 8′ over the course of the summer, and then subsides to stubble in the field. Perrenials are planted, grown, divided and moved, and the mint and chives go everywhere. Yesterday Rat came by and cut down a dozen 40′ spruce and pine at the front of the yard and yes, actually, it makes a tremendous difference in the local landscape and no, they don’t grow back.

This is “before”, looking west toward the road.

bar island before pic garden 003

And this is “after”. There’s a lot more light in the garden now, and possibly a need for curtains up at the house. . .


2 thoughts on “Irrevocable

  1. Subsides to stubble…love it.
    Anna’s friend wrote a song called Stuck on Stunned.
    I always liked that title. And it’s very apt for how I feel a lot of the time. The rest of the time I’m subsiding to stubble.

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