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  1. I moved to Blue Hill, ME last Fall after 30 years of toiling in a flower shop/garden center in Dorchester, MA. I first encountered your work last Spring at the Turtle Gallery. I’ve since been impressed by your interest in beekeeping, gardening and cooking, things I’ve learned about you via your blog… interests I hold as well. Much to my dismay I feel like a groupie.You see, I have similar interests, but don’t feel as accomplished or talented. I do pastels. (You can view my work here…
    ). When I learned that you work on marble coated archival board I decided to try it. It feels more like painting. I am growing fond of it. Is there any way to protect your art from scuffs or smudges besides framing it behind glass? Do you record your work digitally before you frame it? Someplace local?

    Hope it doesn’t give you the creeps that I’m reading your blog. Guess that’s enough for now,

  2. I think it’s great that you’re reading here. I’ve been surprised at how many people are out there working in gardens, drawing fruits and flowers, keeping bees, and sending me comments on my blog. It’s really wonderful!
    I uses Lascaux fixatif, which is available at Dick Blick on line, I don’t know about locally. http://www.dickblick.com/products/lascaux-fine-art-fixative/
    I definitely use it as a finish coat, but sometimes during the process as well; if I’m transporting a panel to location, or I get too many thick layers. Although, as you’ve found, the coated board will absorb a lot of pastel!
    I take my own pictures, and am showing at Dowling Walsh Gallery http://www.dowlingwalsh.com/ in Rockland, although my name and work aren’t on the website yet, that will be coming soon.
    Again, thank you for reading: it is always very encouraging to hear from someone doing the work.

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