Our Hardy Ancestors, Part III

birthday 2007

OHA is a series of posts about how my family ate and behaved around the turn of the last century. They (mostly) survived to great age, and I expect some would have past the 120 year mark if any of them had eaten vegetables. Herewith a “skeleton menu”, copied out by my great, great grandmother and pasted into the cover of The Institute Cookbook for her reference.

A Full Course Dinner

Shellfish – on ice with lemon – light oyster crackers, then Clear Soup – in soup plates, half full – thick slices of bread or roll folded in the napkin. Followed by Hors D’Oeurvres – olives, celery, radishes, etc. to be passed after soup is served, then Fish – with appropriate sauce, potato balls and cucumbers if possible. Then the Entree – patties, timable of chicken, or creamed dishes in paper cases (bread passed), then Meat – with appropriate sauce, jelly, potatoes, one vegetable and fruit punch. Then Game – small birds, whole; other in halves or slices with varying accompaniments then Salad – served with the game – Brie, Roquefort orcream cheese and crackers. Then Hot Pudding with lemon sauce; Glace – ice, ice cream or frozen dessert – with sweet wafers, followed by Dessert – nts, fruits, bonbons, crackers, cheese and finally Coffee – black, served with sugar alone.

The painting is “Jacob’s Birthday”, from 2006. And to think, we only had three courses.

Bon apetite!

1 thought on “Our Hardy Ancestors, Part III

  1. 1) that menu sounds like a month’s groceries!

    2) the painting makes me feel all cozy like we are just going to settle down & tuck into The Best Squash In The World, chicken enchiladas, salad w/ sesame oil vinaigrette, and Blueberry Boy Bait. Or something.

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