3 thoughts on “Work in progress, one more time in Bass Harbor

  1. It has been a great week! I discovered Neil Welliver and Amy Pollien on my vacation. I am struck by the similarities of your landscape styles. I am ordering the coloring book tonight and seeing more of your work. I look forward to having one of your paintings in my home.

    • Thank you! It means a great deal to me to be mentioned in the same sentence with Neil Welliver. He has been a long-time influence on my work. . .have you seen his marvelous snow paintings? I’ve begun work on a second book to cover still life painting and plant studies; you’ve inspired me to post a work in progress that will be part of Volume II. And really, thanks again for making my day.

      • I saw Mr Welliver’s paintings for the first time in Freeport at the Thomas Moser showroom. I love nature and being outdoors. I was surprised to see works that I liked so much while wondering how I had never heard of this artist. A few days later I was at the library in Northeast Harbor to see the paintings from the Little book. Your paintings jumped out at me. ANOTHER artist I was unfamiliar with whose work captured my heart. Your paintings are so vibrant and alive.
        The similarity of style was striking and I was puzzled when searching online that I couldn’t find a connection between you and Mr Welliver. Yesterday my gut feeling was confirmed when I read that your husband worked with N.W. Very exciting to me to discover two “new” artists. I can’t wait until next fall when I go up to MDI and have a chance to see more of your work.

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