New work from the Blagden Preserve

This site has been very, very good to me. . .something about the stacked layers of rocks and water going straight out to the horizon that is visually compelling. Right now in late June and just past the longest day it’s like a desert down there on the rocks, but I took a long hike along the shore on Mother’s Day when the snow still extended down to the water’s edge and made the start to this painting.

Blagden Preserve, Snow 1

By popular request, here are some details. . . the far reaches are under water at high tide and are covered in rockweed and barnacles, turning them a lovely warm sepia color even in the dead of winter.

Blagden Preserve, Snow detail 1

Detail of the rotten snow along the tide line:

Blagden Preserve, Snow detail 3


And finally, the drawing stage from the site. This is Ivory Black oil on a tinted board.

Blagden Preserve, Drawing detail

2 thoughts on “New work from the Blagden Preserve

  1. My friend Patti, also a painter like me, and I saw three of your Maine landscapes at the Dowling Walsh, two of Blagden Preserve and one looking off a point of rock toward an isolated island. Patti very much appreciated your husband’s drawings of crows, but for me your three paintings have been the art experience of the summer—the firmness of the forms established in space and light, with just enough of a “synthetic” quality to take the work completely out of the realm of touristic souvenir painting and into the perceptual/conceptual world of Welliver at his best or even Cezanne. Which is not to say you don’t do things your own way. I could never paint the way you do, which makes your painting all the more admirable to me. All good wishes.

    • Thank you, fellow painter! I enjoyed visiting your site – I’ve started a series of self-portraits this summer so it was instructive to look at your work. Thanks again for the encouragement and good thoughts.

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