Fedco tree order 2013

Snow is falling fast and thick outside my windows and the garden is at rest, a good time to plan for next year’s layout and inventory. Listed below is my 2013 order from the Fedco tree catalog. Per requests in previous years I have included prices and an occasion description from the catalog. Fedco’s shipping rates are very reasonable, but it’s more fun to make a daytrip with friends to the warehouse in Clinton next April. The only down side to visiting in person is that I can’t resist buying more from the floor stock once I get there.

209A – Black Ice Plum ( 1 ) 1 x $25.00 = $25.00

Black Ice Plums

Photo courtesy of egardeners place.com

Black Ice Plum Midsummer. Prunus Lydecker [Prunus besseyi x (Prunus salicina Oka x Prunus salicina Z’s Blue Giant)] U of Wisc, River Falls, 2006. Large 2″ round early-ripening high-quality hardy blue-black dessert plum. Very sweet juicy reddish-purple semi-freestone flesh. Precocious and productive tree with a naturally compact growth habit. Bred by Brian Smith who I visited a few years ago on a fruit exploration trip in the Upper Midwest. He graciously showed us all through his amazing nursery in River Falls. He was growing many of his plums in huge tubs, manipulating bloom time using greenhouses and coolers. This enabled him to cross species or varieties that would never normally flower together. Though we’re not fans of plant patenting, we have been eager to offer his first major introduction. PVP 16621. The literature recommends Toka or La Crescent as a pollinator. Now on trial at our farm. Z3.

230A – Bluejay Highbush Blueberry ( 1 ) 1 x $12.00 = $12.00
236A – Meader Highbush Blueberry ( 1 ) 1 x $12.00 = $12.00
238A – Patriot Highbush Blueberry ( 1 ) 1 x $12.00 = $12.00
271A – Aesculus parviflora Bottlebrush Buckeye ( 1 ) 1 x $16.25 = $16.25
289A – Caragana arborescens Siberian Peashrub ( 1 ) 1 x $10.50 = $10.50
300A – Corylus Experimental Hybrid Hazel ( 1 ) 2 x $15.00 = $30.00

Corylus Experimental Hybrid Hazel Badgersett Research Farm, Canton, MN. Seedling shrubs produced from crosses of three hazelnut species: American hazelnut, Corylus americana; beaked hazelnut, Corylus cornuta; European hazelnut, Corylus avellana. The nuts from these trees will likely be larger than those from the N.H. seedlings, as they are crossed with the larger europeans. Highly resistant or immune to filbert blight. Currently we have them in a long-term trial in central Maine. So far, so good.

304A – Cydonia oblonga Pineapple Quince ( 1 ) 1 x $24.00 = $24.00

Pineapple Quince

Photo courtesy New So Wales Dept of Agriculture

338A – Mespilus germanica Breda Giant Medlar ( 1 ) 1 x $25.00 = $25.00


Photograph © Andrew Dunn

Mespilus germanica ‘Breda Giant’ Medlar 2-20′ Introduced in the Netherlands. Cinnamon-flavored spicy pear-like fruit shaped like a large rose hip, just under 2″ in diameter. Good for fresh eating when ripe, thin-skinned with applesauce-like texture. A culinary delight in Europe. One source recommends roasting in butter with citrus slices. Also makes good jelly, paste, chutney and “cheese.” Fruit is hard when harvested after the first hard frost and must be bletted—allowed to ripen for several weeks in a cool place. Tastes best just before it turns mushy. 1–2″ white flowers blushed with pink bloom May to June. Shiny green waxy leaves, a nice addition to the landscape. Begins bearing fruit 2–3 years after planting. One tree could bear 20 pounds of fruit once established. Fruit cultivated in Europe and England since the Middle Ages or earlier. Plant in well-drained fertile soil, 9–10′ from other trees. Full sun. Pest and disease-free. Native to southeast Europe and Iran. Self-fertile. Z4/5

363A – Rosa Therese Bugnet Rose ( 1 ) 1 x $12.50 = $12.50


Photo courtesy of Cindy’s Flowers. http://cindysflowers.us/Main_Folder/Other_plants/Other_favorite_plants.htm

L515B – Large-Flowering Gladiolus Mix ( 20 ) 1 x $7.50 = $7.50
L518B – Aconitum napellus English Monkshood or Friars Cap ( 3 ) 1 x $8.00 = $8.00
L588B – Veronicastrum virginicum Culvers Root ( 2 ) 1 x $12.00 = $12.00

Veronicastrum virginicum Culver’s Root Makes a beautiful addition to the back of the perennial border and is a requirement in any well-built rain garden. Elegant towering native dons huge 9″ flower spikes with densely clustered tiny white blossoms that open from the top down in early summer. Lance-shaped leaves form whorls on rugged upright stems. Bees love this flower. Plant 2′ apart in full sun, in wet, well drained soil. Grows 4-6′ tall yet rarely needs staking. Our grower Lauren Cormier says, “Culver’s Root is so beautiful it belongs in every herb garden!” Z3


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