Hattie in the garden.

hattie-in-the-garden Every once in a while, your mother comes by the garden and it’s a nice enough day to take a picture or two.  We’ve had a cold, wet spring and both Mom and the peach trees have been unhappy with the weather. Finally we had a day with bright sun, a little extra warmth, and a nice breeze to keep the bugs off for a few minutes.


We admired the new patio and the old Hansa rose – now fully 8′ high and 10′ wide and covered with magenta blossoms. It was one of the first plants I started here when we moved in and the only cleared area was the clay bank at the side of the septic field. What with the wet clay and the north facing slope it was not a terrific site for a rose and it struggled for five years or so. Now that I might be serious about transplanting it to a better spot it has found its feet and tripled in size. There’s probably a moral there somewhere about not planting largish shrubs on one’s septic field.

We didn’t get much done; although there were plenty of weeds to pull the mosquitoes found us after half an hour or so. Later on in the evening (wearing full bug gear) I went down to the swamp and took a picture of the lupine growing at the end of the driveway. Beautiful stuff in the right light, weeds though they are.


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