Raspberry season


August has arrived with crowds of houseguests (ours and other people’s), green beans, and 140 tour boats between now and October. And raspberries.

purple royalty raspberriesThere’s too much to do in the garden to be sitting around making a blog post, but sometimes the temptation to record the beautiful chaos of fruit and bloom is just too much. The purple royalty raspberries (above) are abundant and showy. The everblooming variety “Anne” is more subtle in taste and color, and the berries are hidden in the leaves.

Anne in handWe also grow Liberty, which is a plain red variety that taste exactly like red LifeSavers. I picked a mixed quart and made this jam tart from Smitten Kitchen with half jam, half fresh berries.  It was wonderful – pictures later!  Next up, blueberries. . .

Patriot blueberries

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