The office bouquet

office bouquet

My friend and co-worker Cathy M. and I each bring a bouquet for the receptionist desk on alternate weeks in the summer. We generally bring very different flowers and I’ve found, as summer progresses, that we grow vastly different gardens. I would not have thought that two “home gardeners” could differ so widely in such a restrictive climate: where I have calendulas she has infinite varieties of digitalis, where she grows buddleia I grow elecampne, her garden is awash in different colors of monarda and I have golden marguerite everywhere.

I’ve decided to begin documenting our weekly bouquet, so this is a photo of my contribution for the week starting today, July 16. It contains: angelica, elecampne, feverfew, celery and hosta “Blue Angel” flowers. Stay tuned for next week’s collection from Cathy!

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