Bees tomorrow!

Our new boxes of bees arrive tomorrow, UPS overnight from Bee Weaver Apiaries in Navasota, TX. We had originally paid for shipping via the US postal service, but BW is disappointed with the 4-5 day delivery time this year and upgraded us to UPS – which is newly certified to handle live animals. I hope my regular UPS gal likes bugs. She can bench press 250 and I’d hate to piss her off.

I think we’re ready for the new colonies. The hives, named Avocado and MilknHoney, are all set up. . .

bee hives

I have 2 gallons of sugar syrup laced with Honey B Healthy, my bee suit, a spray bottle of syrup for spraying on the boxes, the smoker is full of fuel, and the garden is full of heather and rock cress in bloom. My coworkers can’t wait to “meet the bees”, and I can’t wait for company in the garden. You can’t imagine what fascinating garden companions they are until you have a hive of your own.

bee food

Has anyone seen my hive tool? It’s here somewhere. . .



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