Hot water good

Isn’t this a beautiful thing? It’s our new Rinnai on demand hot water heater, and spreading out all around it is a plumbing sculpture made of pipes, vents, valves and wiring. It’s even more beautiful to me because we went without hot water for two weeks while we figured out whether we could repair the old one, and when that didn’t work, what we should replace it with. And by “we”, I mean my husband. We trade off on a lot of chores around the house but plumbing? I go to work and he talks to Randy Sprague.

The new Rennai is 1/4 size the size of the old one – which was significantly smaller than a regular tanked hot water heater. It hangs on the wall and frees up a lot of space around it, which I have already sworn to my self and family that I will not fill up with canning jars or historical documents. Really.

Infrastructure is important. Small living space, insulation, and efficient appliances allow us to live well for very little, both in terms of finances and footprint. Now for a shower…

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