Time for a product review: Tear-Aid Original Type A Tape.  Pluses and minuses here, before and after pictures of the project below.

Minus (sort of): Remember the scene from the Blues Brothers movie with Elwood and the aerosol can of epoxy? “This is strong stuff.”  Keep hair, clothing, fingers, pets, and tools out of the way because when they say “instant extreme bond” they’re not kidding. I managed not to fold it on itself or stick it to the stepladder but it was a near thing. I realize the product is supposed to be adhesive but really – this stuff is real world Katamari Damacy. And that’s only a problem because,

Minus: This product is expensive. Amazon lists a 3″ x 5′ roll for $24.95. I could have used twice that for this project, and really couldn’t afford to waste an inch.

Plus: There’s some good information available.  I read some reviews (bless you, Amazon) that suggested lining up the two sides before taping. I was dealing with a right angle tear in the hoop house cover that was being held open by tension on the rest of the structure and a windy day, so holding it together seemed like a good idea. After a lot of experimentation (duct tape in various configurations) I threaded a darning needle with fishing line and sewed it. I couldn’t exert enough pressure to pull the sides completely together, but the 1″ gap was uniform and all the pieces lined up, which was close enough for folk music.

Plus: Does what it says on the tin. After all the prep work the actual repair was fairly straightforward. I peeled the backing down about an inch (sticky!) and applied it just beyond the start of the tear. The tape adhered instantly and smoothly. I rubbed it down as much as possible (there was no way to get to the outside of the hoophouse roof to burnish it from the other side) and that was it.

Plus: The repair looks great. The tape is smooth, clear and, according to the box, non-yellowing. I have enough aging silver duct tape in my yard already, thank you.

I love gardening, every day is a new experience.

Before, and after – so far.

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