I was cleaning out and going through boxes tonight, and came across one of those photos that you can’t put back in the box – or at least, I can’t. This is Henry Virgil Miller 1830-1900, with his son Benjamin Isaac (BI) Miller 1868 – 1930, and BI’s son Reuben Parsells Miller (my great-uncle) 1893 – 1956.

I think this must be the house where B.I. was born, in Avon CT. The rocker with the hat is nice, so are the chaps. The verso is labeled, and this handwriting has become very familiar to me because it’s on so many of the family photos in my possession. It isn’t my grandmother’s – she was a lefty who was forced to switch  in school and had a very rounded hand. I think it must be B.I.’s.

On to the next box!

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