Spring alpine post

Alpine garden on the north side of the house at 10 a.m., May 3Heather, rock cress, emerging day lilies and the bright note of Siberian draba in a shaft of sunlight making a promising beginning for the season. In August this garden is a mass of foliage, but right now each color and texture sits in a frame of wood chips and gravel. This is probably my most successful garden and I could spend all my time here, convincing all these plant forms to live together and share territory. Humans tend to see vegetation as benign, but Napoleon had nothing on a healthy stand of rock cress.

Tonight at 7:30, near dark with a waxing gibbous moon hazed over by high clouds, a pack of coyotes went off across Somes Sound. They must have been chasing something because the singing continued as the sound dropped off in the distance. The neighbor’s dogs yipped and all us mammals cocked an ear to judge if the pack was coming closer or fading away. It’s a big island, good to know there is enough space for a small pack of scavengers.

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