First meal from this year’s garden

The sorrel is up in enough quantity to make dinner.

sorrellCommon Sorrel or Garden Sorrel (Rumex acetosa)  Sorrel has been in cultivation for centuries. It has a strong lemon taste (some people think it tastes like kiwi) due to a high concentration of oxalic acid.  I picked about 2 cups of leaves (packed),  sauteed chopped onions and garlic chives (also up in the garden)  in butter, made a roux with a little flour, added chicken stock and white wine and added the chopped sorrel. Serve on buttered toast points.

Not much else is in bloom and the trees are just barely budded. Today the thermometer hit 70 and the leaves appeared to swell as I watched. The heather and squill in the alpine garden are full of  orchard mason and bumblebees.


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