Wild life

Today I took a walk along the carriage trails in Acadia National Park toward Witch’s Hole and the Breakneck Ponds. The park is a good place to observe nature in action, and I saw two peregrine falcons, a predaceous diving beetle (late in the season, but the swamp is still warm), a white-tail buck (very common in the park, where there is no hunting), countless red squirrels and six beavers. The first lodge pond is very close to the Eagle Lake Rd. – the dam is only 15′ from the highway. I saw a beaver couple here, the “v” of their swim across the pond is to the right of the lodge.

I walked farther down the carriage road to the first of the Breakneck Ponds, and found a recent “chew”. Here the beaver has felled a poplar and a carried the tree off for construction purposes.

And this is why beavers can be hazardous to your health – I’m glad it wasn’t windy.

Further down the carriage road the park has been forced to intervene. Beavers have dropped a fairly large birch tree across the road and the park crew has chainsawed it into manageable pieces.

At the last lodge I visited there were two beavers cruising the deep water in front of this impressive dam. Evidently they don’t take weekends off.

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