3 thoughts on “Signs of the season

  1. You can buy a tree to plant at MY house and I’ll let you come visit it. And by “visit it” I mean “keep alive.” Then we can split the fruit.

    I think this is the perfect solution.

    • Would you, really? The crabapple I have in mind is vrry pretty, and 15 x 15 at maturity which will most likely only amuse our grandchildren. Dedicate a spot and I’ll plant it, spray it (non-harmful botanicals to repel bugs and varmints), and gather still life material when available. Heck, you’re close enough that my bees will be over to get their share. I promise to go la-la-la about all this if you weren’t serious, but it’s kind of brilliant. I could see you “hosting” all kinds of plant life – there’s a lot of over-committed garden space on the island!

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