Best. Anniversary. Ever.

Now there have been memorable anniversaries before this. Year 5 was tire chains for my truck. Year 18 was a huge pile of lama dung and boy howdy, the sunflowers went to 10′ that year. Last year was the “small arms” anniversary – The Man was having squirrel problems.

23, however, is the cinder block anniversary. I came home to a pallet of 180 CBUs* neatly wrapped and topped with a bow, just waiting to be stacked in raised garden beds and a plinth for my outdoor wood oven project. I swear, if I didn’t have so much to do tonight I’d be out there with my head lamp and leather gloves . . . it had better be a nice weekend, that’s all I’m saying.

best anniversary evah

*Concrete Building Units. 180 of them!

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