Still life – Vitis vinifera

Tudor Grape Study

Grapes make a wonderful still lfe exercise. This variety is called “Tudor”, straight from the grocery store and piled into the bowl Aunt Loris brought back to my parents from a trip to Denmark in the sixties.  I did this set up in our hoophouse on cloudy days in the early spring. The light was cold and very even, filtered through the fiberglass cover in late afternoon.

I counted five varieties on sale today at the store. Green, purple, giant red “Royal”, blue Concords – must be South American? – bunches of tiny black Champagne grapes that I’d love to paint but don’t want to write myself a check I can’t cash, and some rather brown, sad bunches that would be perfect for a set-up on mortality. I think I’ll buy a small bunch of two or three kinds and do a study in the green glass bowl this weekend.

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