Other avenues. . .

I keep a notebook of places to paint, eventually, some day when I have more time out of doors.  Some of these houses and trees will wait till I return and some have been torn down or “restored” out of character. The images are  glossy 4 x 5’s taken with an ancient auto-everything Nikon and worked over with a Sharpie and photo retouch markers.

Page 2, snowstorm

Page 8 - Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor

Page 3 - Cromwell Rd.

Some summer for your snowy day

Stonington Dock, July

Stonington Dock, July

We have 10″ of new snow, heavy and wet and bending the spruce tree branches to the ground. This drawing is from a hot late summer afternoon in Stonington harbor that smelled like seaweed and motor oil and gave me a sunburn right through my SPF50 and a straw hat.  Welcome to Maine. . .