Garden retrospective

I’m moving files to our new media server tonight and sampling folders from every season – every incidental piece of subject matter. There are houses, rural roads, weird trees, thousands of plants, frogs, fungi, and boats of all types, whatever caught my eye. What a difference a digital camera makes – I was never this spendthrift with film.

So we start in February. 2009 saw tremendous snow accumulations, especially for this area, normally too close to the ocean for 5′ of base.

incidental garden 3

Eventually the snow melts and the alpine garden blooms, low and sturdy, in a multitude of textures and variations of the color green.

incidental garden 1

Eventually July comes around and digitalis and Maltese Cross grow tall in the garden by the boat building.

indicental garden 2

Tonight it’s 50 degrees and raining as we head toward the huge local holiday observance of All Hallows Eve, but I have documented evidence that the garden was once lovely, soft and green.

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