New work: Hibiscus in the Morning

Hibiscus is one of the last perennials to “wake up” every spring in the Maine garden, but is reliably, improbably, hardy in zone 5. Come September the flowers glow like torches lit against the dark maroon foliage. An autumn morning cloudy sky and apple branches add to the illusion that the papery flowers, beloved of Kali, are lit from within.

Hibiscus #1, 36 x 24, oil on panel

3 thoughts on “New work: Hibiscus in the Morning

    1. APo Post author

      Thank you!
      Yes, my work is available through The Littlefield Gallery at, and through the Artemis Gallery when they open for the summer on the Isleford Dock: Both galleries will be happy to correspond and/or mail pieces anywhere.

      If you prefer reproductions I have a page at Society6. It’s very new; I’ll be adding images all summer.

      1. Anne Colloredo-Mansfeld

        Thank you for the information, Amy. I contacted Littlefield Gallery and am soon to be the proud owner of “Seawall Afternoon.” I can’t wait to see it in person and look forward to following your work!


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