On the easel – Blackberry branches galore

Sometimes I just want to paint structure and there’s nothing like a glass jar buttressed stems, leathery leaves and huge, recurved thorns to work out that urge. These blackberry bushes grow uncultivated along the edge of our gravel road but the blossoms are huge, white and surprisingly delicate for living on nothing but dust and neglect.

blackberries cherries


Blackberries and Cherries, drawing in progress, vine charcoal on gessoed panel, 40 x 32

1 thought on “On the easel – Blackberry branches galore

  1. Hi Amy

    I am the very happy man that bought Quince in a Tan Vase . I am overjoyed . I was so affected by your work . I just LOVE what you are doing . I met you on the opening night of the show . Is it possible for you to write a little something about this painting for me ?

    I have some beekeeping supplies that I would love to give you . All brand new .

    Please let me know how I can get them to you .

    All the very best
    John Kurgan

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