New work: Quince Branches in a Tan Vase

So much is happening in the garden: two new hives of bees, new bee fodder (phacelia!), new green manure mixtures, and a foray into next-gen gardening with Bio-Char. I want to write about all of it but there’s still life material growing out there too. The Ruby-Gold ornamental quince put out flowering branches for the first time this year; combined with a new thrift store tablecloth it made an excellent color study.

Ruby Gold Quince

Quince in a Tan Vase, 24 x 18, oil on panel

2 thoughts on “New work: Quince Branches in a Tan Vase

  1. Hello Amy,
    I really enjoy your work! Your sense of color is beautiful and feels so vital. There is an enjoyment of life in your work that I really appreciate. I equally respect your skills. I am an artist in residence at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts along with your husband, Robert. I asked for your name. You make delightful work.

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