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So, I’m thinking of starting a new title theme for my work, along the lines of Russian primitive icon labels. They are typically one long sentence that tells the story of the work: St. Paul rides a Lamb out of the gates of The Holy City at Sunset as beggars strew Palm Fronds. . .you get the idea. This painting would be called “Hansa Roses and Dianthus in a Bell jelly jar with black cherries on a Dutch plate on Jane Wineberger’s table linen around mid-day in July”. I know what everything is in my drawings – it would be hard not to what with staring at those items for hours and hours. Seems like I ought to own up to the knowledge, especially when I want to emphasize the object in the context of the painting, as is the case with the Dutch plate which belonged to my neighbor Rose, who died on Midsommer.

I guess the proof will be going forward, if I can keep to a schema. You should let me know what you think.

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  1. Okay, the editor in me has been thinking about this one for weeks. I like the mystery of “Jane Wineberger’s [Weinberger’s] table linen.” Can’t you imagine patrons of some museum, years from now, trying to figure that one out? Pontificating on its meaning? I hope to be alive then, knowing that it simply means you scored at a yard sale.
    And, if you’re serious about this new way of naming your paintings, I’d shorten “around mid-day in July” to “mid-July”. The rest is perfect.

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