New work!

If you live on the island, you’ve noticed that the rocks at Compass Harbor are black basalt, bleached with salt-grime and truly spectacular in the late afternoon sun. If you also said to yourself, wow, I bet that view would be very difficult to paint, you would be correct. Here’s a first attempt:

View from Compass Harbor to the Porcupine Islands, late afternoon. 24 x 18 inches, oil on panel

Compass Harbor Porcupine Islands

2 thoughts on “New work!

  1. Francine Gillooly

    I don’t know what those rocks look like in person; but what you have is mighty interesting and beautiful.

    1. APo Post author

      I was just out there this morning and those same rocks have lost their winter bleached look and are turning faintly green with algae and barnacles. They’re going to be even harder to paint now! Thanks for the nice comment. APo


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