Dawson Shaw, art teacher and inspiration

dawson shaw, teacher

I am unpacking boxes (again, some more) and came across this clipping of my high school art teacher, Dawson Shaw and I having a confab over a pen and ink drawing. He was a wonderful teacher, and was directly responsible for my application to college and eventually attending art school in Philadelphia. I know he passed away in the eighties but can’t find much about him on the ‘net. He was endlessly patient and kind, with high expectations for us and what we could do with our art. Maybe that’s enough.

Thank you, Mr. Shaw!

2 thoughts on “Dawson Shaw, art teacher and inspiration

  1. Hi Amy! I too have tried to search for Dawson on the internet to no avail but my search lead me to your blog. I graduated from Bloomfield High in ’82. Dawson got me a Pell Grant and steared me towards art school. What a beautiful, generous soul he was. Thank you for posting.

    • Thank you Amy for posting this photo of Dawson Shaw. I too was inspired to go to art school because of Mr. Shaw. He was so kind and patient. I do not have any photos of him so I searched the internet and found your blog. I graduated from BHS in 1980.

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