Social Capital Spring Owl

Someone on our muddy, rutted road donated a yellow gingham dress and sunglasses to the SCOwl today. To all our friends in Boston and Points South – you may have a foot of snow in the backyard, but the owl has declared the start of spring!

Social Capital Owl says Spring

3 thoughts on “Social Capital Spring Owl

  1. Richard and Mae

    That is one of the better looking outfits the owl has worn in many years. Glad to see tradition continues.

  2. Lynn Cyr Crawford

    This outfit is hysterical! Thanks for the great laugh! I love it! I may have to start one of these at the bottom of my driveway…

    1. APo Post author

      You should totally have one at the end of your drive! Think of the fun of making costumes. . just about the same size as an 18″ doll, and some of the more successful and long-lasting entries in the Dress The Owl Sweepstakes have been small-dog outfits. Lots of patterns out there for those.


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