Social Capital Spring Owl

Someone on our muddy, rutted road donated a yellow gingham dress and sunglasses to the SCOwl today. To all our friends in Boston and Points South – you may have a foot of snow in the backyard, but the owl has declared the start of spring!

Social Capital Owl says Spring

3 thoughts on “Social Capital Spring Owl

  1. This outfit is hysterical! Thanks for the great laugh! I love it! I may have to start one of these at the bottom of my driveway…

    • You should totally have one at the end of your drive! Think of the fun of making costumes. . just about the same size as an 18″ doll, and some of the more successful and long-lasting entries in the Dress The Owl Sweepstakes have been small-dog outfits. Lots of patterns out there for those.

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