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I’ve finished a 16″ x 20″ study of the front room at Thuya Lodge. There’s a lot going on in this small space and I think it’s a good choice for a larger painting – 32″ x 40″ would be very large for me.

Thuya Lodge study - The Rocking ChairWhen I finish a painting I often study enlarged random sections of the digital image. Do the individual brush strokes make sense of the shapes? Is the color pure and purposeful? Do the edges where colors meet perform well? I fall short of the mark of course, but it’s a helpful process on the long road to improvement. Below are the sections I chose to examine on this piece:

random detail ceiling

random detail lamp

random detail lamp 2

2 thoughts on “New work

  1. Hello –

    I have written a book about the history of the islands and coastline of Maine. (Kayaking Through History). The 2d volume has a section about Northeast Harbor and I saw your painting of Thuya Lodge.

    Would it be possible for me to use the painting in my book.. I talk about the history of the lodge and describe the cottage in some detail.

    I would be happy to give you credit for the entry.

    I would however need to turn it into a Black and White photo and resize it.

    Wold that be possible.

    Thank you very much.

    -dick fleming

    • Yes, I’d be happy to have you use the image. Please email me a apollien at gmail dot com and I’ll send you the file. Good to know about your book.
      Best regards,

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