Hardy Ancestors: Oliver and Louis

I cleaned out some of my mother’s storage locker today. I hauled out two table tops sans legs, a bag of curtains, four plastic boxes of truly miscellaneous kitchen gear (Salad Shooter!) and a box of playing cards so far gone with black mold they looked like dead leaves. I rewarded myself by taking home a shoebox marked “old photos” and now, after a lovely long day in the garden, I’m picking through the black and white and sepia prints of Barnards and Wileys, picnics and formal portraits, some with names and dates on the back of the photo and some who will be anonymous forever, now that everyone who knew them has passed on.

kitten brothers

This one is labeled “Carleton’s sons Oliver and Louis Barnard, 1931, at L. H. Barnard’s house, back steps”. The kittens are cute, but their names are lost to history.Also – great hat, Oliver!

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