First planting

Just came in and washed the dirt off my hands from the first seed bed of 2011.

I planted “Pablo” batavian lettuce, Zlata radishes, Maruba Santoh, broad-leaved sorrel and Fedco’s greens mix. This raised bed is quite close to the house and was thawed out to about 6″ deep. I threw a bucket of compost on top as I was closing down the garden last fall and had to fork that in and found a dozen or so rotted packets of loose dirt, about and inch square and perfectly uniform. It took a few minutes to recognize them as PG Tips tea bags. . .compost is such an interesting record of one’s life.

I put down a sheet of Agribon (spun row cover) and scattered some corn snow over the top to keep the top layer from drying out in the sun tomorrow. Some of these seeds are tiny.

It’s going to be a while until the pea bed (the one with the shingles, beyond the apples trees) is thawed enough to plant anything.

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