Friday reading

Snow is pelting down outside my windows. It looks like flour from that big old can sifter my mother used to have – absolutely useless for anything but making industrial loaves of bread, it spread flour thick and wide. And to bring that metaphor back to cases, there will be a lot of shoveling going on later this afternoon.

The writer at Beyond the Dooryard is seeing the same snow out her windows over on Frenchman’s Hill. And although (or perhaps because) she has little ones, she has already finished her first post for the day. My child is all grown up and away so I’ve actually had a chance to read and be fascinated by her morning links. Then I decided to join in the fun.

Cherie and I both work in philanthropy, so she’ll be happy to know that I’m reading in our field. This is Abe Saur’s article on funding wound care and exorcisms in post-disaster Haiti. It has inspired me to practice a little voodoo of my own, in terms of letter-writing.

Thanks, Cherie!

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