Bunny Cake

My mother won this Bunny CakeWilton Holiday Mold at her job in the early 70’s. I guess this is now a collectible antique, since the current Wilton Bunny is a different pose. Those ears are always problematic and the new version looks sturdier. I used the Devils Food Cake recipe in the Joy of Cooking and vanilla buttercream for the frosting. We were traditionalists this year and went for pink jellybean eyes and tinted ears and grass. Some years we’ve had a vanilla pound cake bunny with “wild rabbit” chocolate ganache, and the red jelly bean eyes give a demonic effect. I took another picture of this one later in the day to document the “evil twin”. The little blue flowers are Siberian Squill, the only flower blooming in my garden right now excepting the heath, which has been in flower on and off since February. Later in the day. . .


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