Work in progress part five, the blizzard

Sometimes, you have to stop right in the middle of something because the front door blows open (lots of snow in the living room!) and the lights flicker. I have the woodstove cranked up and a flashlight in my pocket, and I’ll just have to redraw some of what I did tonight in tomorrow’s episode. Now, a break for shoveling.

Asters, part III

Third in a series of work in progress photos of asters in a blue Mason jar. Tonight’s surprise was the amount of green in the rudebekia, to have it be orange next to all that mauve. I’m hoping it stays “orangey” even after the blue glass jar goes in, because I’m still not one hundred percent in the kind of chess champion mentality it takes to figure that out.

New work, continued

This is the second installment in a series of photos of a drawing of St. John’s Day asters in a blue Mason jar. This record of work-in-progress is more interesting than I had anticipated, well, to me anyway. I’m conscious each night as I go to work on the drawing that there will be a particular geography to what I can get done – it’s very odd to see those boundaries recorded permanently in these photos.

Session Two: